School Guard Glass produces a highly innovative security glass product designed to slow forced entry, allowing time for emergency plans to be implemented and for the authorities to arrive.  School Guard Glass™ currently offers its SG4™ and SG5™ product.  Both can be made into thermopanes in a wide variety of make-ups including tints, coatings and argon gas filled.  School Guard Glass™ products can be made to fit any required thickness for doors that are built to receive ¼” glass up to 1 ¼” glass.  School Guard Glass™ can be put into doors (wood, hollow metal and aluminum) as well as windows, store fronts and curtain wall assemblies.

School Guard Glass™ offers a wide variety of products including Bullet Resistant Glass Levels 1 through 8 as well as a wide range of other laminated products.  BR frames and doors are also available through partnerships we currently have in place.

LTI Smart Glass, Inc.

The LTI Group is a leading provider of innovative laminated glass and polymer products to a broad variety of industries, such as architectural, automotive, airline, marine, entertainment, security and industrial – among others – around the world. They are known as a pioneer in the processing and laminating of electrified films, and is renowned for their creativity in providing innovative, customized solutions to meet their specific customer needs. 

For more than a decade, the Group has been a leading laminator for security products for detention facilities, the US Government and the Armed Forces. As a vertically integrated organization, the company sees the process through from start to finish, with design, clean room and production facilities designed to deliver reliable, high-quality products, be they for security, architectural, or decorative purposes.